5 Tips for Getting Ahead During the Holidays

1. Order early
When it comes to getting through the holidays, timing can be everything. That’s why I suggest ordering anything you need for Christmas at least two weeks before the big day. 

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2. Plan ahead
As tempting as it may be to wait, no one likes to be rushed the last couple of days before Christmas. Make sure you know who’s getting what, and when you’re heading to the store.
3. Get those invites out
If you are having a holiday party this year, don’t wait to head to the post office. Make sure both you, and you guest, have plenty of time to prepare beforehand.

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4. Take time for yourself
The holidays can be a very stressful time for some. Part of getting ahead is knowing when you need a break, and making sure you take one.
5. Let it go
No matter how much planning you put into a holiday, nothing ever goes quite according to plan. Instead of worrying, no when to let the holiday madness go, and enjoy yourself and your loved ones.

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