News Release: Portland, Oregon Artist Launches New Greeting Card Line Featuring Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Tickled Pink Paper + Ink features a unique whimsical style that incorporates artist Teresa Diepenbrock’s hand-drawn, hand-painted illustrations.

This month, Tickled Pink Paper + Ink, stationery created and illustrated by Portland, Ore. artist Teresa Diepenbrock, officially launches a new line of greeting cards, treat toppers and wooden stamps. Each greeting card is hand-drawn and hand-painted by Diepenbrock and is inspired by the delight and whimsy of life’s special moments. 

The greeting card line features products for birthdays, holidays, new babies and boxed thank you cards with more to come in the next few months. Each card is quirky, fun and whimsical. The launch of Tickled Pink Paper + Ink’s newest greeting card line coincides with the five-year anniversary of the company and reflects Teresa’s love of parties and celebrations.

After many years of designing custom party invitations for customers, friends and her large family, Diepenbrock wanted to infuse that joy and celebration into a special line of birthday and greeting cards.

“I wanted to combine my family’s traditions around birthday celebrations and my love of stationery into something that would be joyful and add a flair of celebration to everyday lives,” said Diepenbrock.

Tickled Pink Paper + Ink is based in Portland, Oregon. Stationery can be purchased online at the Tickled Pink Paper + Ink website ( and are available for wholesale and retail sales. You can see the catalog online: (or it's also embedded below) 

If you would like more information about this greeting card launch, please contact Kelli Matthews at We welcome bloggers or editors interested in reviewing product or hosting a giveaway.  


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