5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Engagement Party

An engagement party is a great way to kick-off the wedding festivities and get your loved ones excited about you and your future partner’s new journey. These tips can help ensure your party is a success.

Decide who is hosting.

It is common tradition for the bride’s parents to host the engagement party. More recently, the couples friends or other family members may want to contribute or have their own party, which could make things more difficult. Ultimately, you should make the final decision, but keep in mind what people would like to see as well.  

Pick a venue.

Where you throw your party is important because it represents the type of party you want. For example, if you want it to be more casual, your backyard or a restaurant is a great option. If you are looking for a more formal event, your party may be at a hotel or country club. However, you want to make sure your engagement party does not upstage your wedding!

Create the guest list.

According to The Knot, Anyone who is invited to your engagement party, should be invited to your wedding so starting a guest list for your wedding may be the first step. You would not want to have a 100 person engagement party and have a small intimate wedding. If it is too soon to tell, just invite close family and friends to your engagement party.

Choose the decor.

You might have not chosen your wedding color palette or theme, but engagement parties do not have to be similar to the wedding. It may be nice to make the theme relate to something about you as a couple and your relationship. A theme is not necessary, but it helps with the cohesion of the party.

Send out invitations.

Although online invitations cost less, there is so much value in a hard copy. Your celebration should be shared with your friends and family and nothing is better than a printed-card for them to keep. Check out some of ours!

Here at Tickled Pink, there are plenty of ways we can assist you with all your wedding festivities! From wedding invitations and save-the-dates, to gift tags and stamps, we have everything to satisfy your stationary needs.

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Valentines Day Printable!

We have another free printable for you just in time for Valentines Day! These little bunnies are a perfect way to hand out classroom chocolates to all your child's friends! 
Place a chocolate heart on its chest and then using a glue dot, bend his arms around it to give it a hug

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Free Valentines Printable!

Valentines Day is coming up fast! These valentines toppers are great for school parties or Valentines Day desserts. 

You can download the pdf here

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Love Notes Free Printable

With every new year comes new resolutions. Not only is it important to remember to encourage yourself, it is just as important to encourage those most important to you in their endeavors. 

That's why I wanted to share some adorable love notes for you to give to you loved ones. From everyone here at Tickled Pink Paper + Ink, happy new year and good luck in all your goals this year! 

Download your copy here

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Making a proactive new year

The new year is a time for new beginnings, promises, and endeavors. This year, one of my resolutions is to create new designs for Tickled Pink Paper and Ink. I absolutely love designing stationary, but that doesn’t mean that life always makes that easy.

That’s why, this year, I’ve decided to set clear goals and times for designing. After all, any successful resolution starts with a plan. What are your resolutions, and your plans for completing them, in the coming year?

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New Year's Printable!

From everyone here at Tickled Pink Paper and Ink, we want to wish you the happiest of holidays and a bright new year with this free printable! Download it here.

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5 Tips to a Successful Holiday Party

Don’t Underestimate Going Old-School

As technology advances more and more people are ditching paper invitations for emails or texts. However, when it comes to throwing a good party paper is by far superior to a computer. Everyone loves getting an invitation in their mailbox, and having a physical copy will make your guests more likely to remember your event.  

Shop Invitations

Consider Having Your Party on a Weeknight

Scheduling during the holidays can be impossible. With family in town and Christmas and New Years on weekends this year, consider throwing your party on a more unconventional night. Not only will your guests be more likely to make the event, it will give them a breather between other events.

Prep Ahead of Time

The downfall of any great party is last minute preparations. Make sure to have your invites out at least a week ahead of time and all your supplies ready a few days before. When the day of the event does arrive, you’ll spend less time running around town and will be more prepared for last minute problems.

Shop Party Decor

Make Your Meal Casual

Fancy dinner parties are fun, but they can also be stressful. For something a little easier, consider serving a family-style meal or hosting a potluck. You’ll be off the hook if dinner gets delayed and your guests will have more food options to choose from.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Throwing a great party isn’t just about the party itself, it’s also about making your guests feel appreciated. The best way to make sure they know how much you enjoy their company is to send them a thank you note. Not only is it a good practice, it will also remind your guests how much fun they had after the holidays are over.

Shop Thank You Cards

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Why You Should Shop Small for the Holiday

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the ability to pick out gifts for everyone in the family. However, with all the options out there, shopping itself can seem overwhelming. That’s why, instead of heading to the mall, I chose to support small vendors and artisans for all my holiday needs. Here are my biggest reasons for shopping small.

 To nurture community

I think we all have those places.

The old bookshops that smell like home. The ring of the bell at a local butchers, the cashier that has checked you out for the last five years. These moments are all found at small businesses.

Not only do they help you define home, they are what makes every town unique.

 To create jobs

According to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, small businesses employ over 50 percent of the workforce in America. That's a big number.

That same report also found that small businesses have generated over 65% of the net new jobs since 1995.

 To encourage innovation

Perhaps my favorite reason for supporting small businesses, is you get the most unique products from them. Unlike big box stores, independent stores only need to satisfy those in their community, which gives them a lot more room to be creative.

Whether it's honeycomb ice cream or handmade jewelry, it may be your only chance to experience that product.

Small businesses are great for so many reasons. With the holidays just around the corner, I encourage you to shop around at some of your favorites and to let me know what you find.

Sho for some great stationary at tickledpinkpaperandink.com



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5 Tips for Getting Ahead During the Holidays

1. Order early
When it comes to getting through the holidays, timing can be everything. That’s why I suggest ordering anything you need for Christmas at least two weeks before the big day. 

Order Here

2. Plan ahead
As tempting as it may be to wait, no one likes to be rushed the last couple of days before Christmas. Make sure you know who’s getting what, and when you’re heading to the store.
3. Get those invites out
If you are having a holiday party this year, don’t wait to head to the post office. Make sure both you, and you guest, have plenty of time to prepare beforehand.

Order Here

4. Take time for yourself
The holidays can be a very stressful time for some. Part of getting ahead is knowing when you need a break, and making sure you take one.
5. Let it go
No matter how much planning you put into a holiday, nothing ever goes quite according to plan. Instead of worrying, no when to let the holiday madness go, and enjoy yourself and your loved ones.

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Finding Relaxation Between Big Holidays

The holidays can be tough for a multitude of reasons. One of the biggest reasons for me is simply all the running around this time of year requires. That’s why it’s important to take a step back every once in a while, and remind yourself that it’s okay to take care of yourself.

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Need some ideas? Here are my top six ways to relax this holiday season.

  • Take a Hot Bath
  • Sometimes a hot bath and a good book are all you need to transport yourself to a happier place. My personal suggestion? Add in some epsom salt or a bath bomb to really treat yourself.

  • Go to the Gym
  • I, like most of you, have a love hate relationship with the gym. However, I cannot deny that I always feel more at ease after a good workout.

  • Go See a Movie
  • Going crazy? Get out of the house. Movies are great because they force you to stop thinking about your life for a whole two hours. Give it a try.

  • Call a Family Member
  • Even though she drives me crazy, my sister always knows how to make me feel better.

  • Buy Something Nice for Yourself
  • We recommend stationary. 

  • Clean
  • As crazy as it sounds, everything looks clearer in a clean, organized environment.

    I wish you all a stress-free holiday!

    Buy it here


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