5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Engagement Party

An engagement party is a great way to kick-off the wedding festivities and get your loved ones excited about you and your future partner’s new journey. These tips can help ensure your party is a success.

Decide who is hosting.

It is common tradition for the bride’s parents to host the engagement party. More recently, the couples friends or other family members may want to contribute or have their own party, which could make things more difficult. Ultimately, you should make the final decision, but keep in mind what people would like to see as well.  

Pick a venue.

Where you throw your party is important because it represents the type of party you want. For example, if you want it to be more casual, your backyard or a restaurant is a great option. If you are looking for a more formal event, your party may be at a hotel or country club. However, you want to make sure your engagement party does not upstage your wedding!

Create the guest list.

According to The Knot, Anyone who is invited to your engagement party, should be invited to your wedding so starting a guest list for your wedding may be the first step. You would not want to have a 100 person engagement party and have a small intimate wedding. If it is too soon to tell, just invite close family and friends to your engagement party.

Choose the decor.

You might have not chosen your wedding color palette or theme, but engagement parties do not have to be similar to the wedding. It may be nice to make the theme relate to something about you as a couple and your relationship. A theme is not necessary, but it helps with the cohesion of the party.

Send out invitations.

Although online invitations cost less, there is so much value in a hard copy. Your celebration should be shared with your friends and family and nothing is better than a printed-card for them to keep. Check out some of ours!

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